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What’s wrong with Huawei? – Updates from London n.9 (17.07.20)

by Redazione MRTV

The UK government has decided: UK’s mobile providers are being banned from buying new Huawei 5G equipment after 31st December, and they must also remove any Huawei’s 5G equipment from their networks by 2027.
Firstly, how embedded already is Huawei in the UK?
Considering the events of the past few months – including Trump‘s alleged call to Johnson, which officials described as ‘apoplectic’ – why has Huawei’s relationship with UK’s 5G always been so controversial?
More importantly, will this decision increase the tensions already bubbling up between the UK and China?
We will chat with Roosevelt Movement UK member and mobile technology expert, Claudio Restante, to shed some light on all these questions.

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